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Relief belief

Eureka! We've found . . . out that we were awarded a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). In the coming year, using our proprietary technology, Historeceptomics, and leveraging AI, GeneCentrix will work to uncover a new non-addictive pain medication, which may turn out to be a treatment for opioid use disorder (#OUD) relapse. We are collaborating in this project with outstanding innovators at at University of Pennsylvania, NYULANGONE, and Molsoft (who we have partnered with for our upcoming HR module in their ICM drugdesign software).

Unlike traditional drugdiscovery, which begins with targets and proceeds to phenotype, we can select specific cells or tissues that control or exhibit a specific phenotypeand work backward to identify a drug target specific for those cells, followed by identification of a drug-like compound that modulates that target. We're excited to have an opportunity to help combat this heart-breakingly prevalent problem! A Free Trial of historeceptomics is available to those in drug development here. We hope it can bring a measure of preclinical #innovation to your work.


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