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Lauren M. Young, MD-PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Young has worked in the biosciences for over fifteen years in diverse fields including angiogenesis and hematopoiesis, biochemistry of the ubiquitin proteasome system and DNA damage repair, and computational approaches to drug discovery and protein modeling. Dr. Young is currently Principal Investigator of an NIH SBIR Phase 1 grant funding the development of technologies at GeneCentrix. She earned her B.A. in History and Science at Harvard University and her M.D. and Ph.D. degrees from NYU School of Medicine.

Klara Felsovalyi, PhD

Co-Founder and Research Scientist

Dr. Felsovalyi has over nine years experience in bioinformatics and has been leading the scientific endeavors at GeneCentrix since its formation. She was awarded two NIH SBIR Phase I grants as well as two supplements that are funding the development of technologies at GeneCentrix. Dr. Felsovalyi earned a B.Sc. in Biology at MIT and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Biophysics at Columbia.

Eric Ni

Software Developer

Mr. Ni is currently performing large-scale in silico protein homology modeling as well as in silico docking of all known drugs to all human crystal structures and in-house homology models. He has 5 years experience working in protein design, molecular modeling and virtual ligand screening at NYU.  He also has experience in web development. Mr. Ni earned a B.A. in Chemistry with a minor in Computer Science at NYU.

Timothy Cardozo, MD-PhD

Co-Founder and Chairman of Advisory Board

Dr. Cardozo has 20 years experience in informatics and drug discovery and has extensive industry contacts. He has won DP2 and DP1 NIH innovation awards, and has been awarded 6 patents in the space.  Dr. Cardozo is currently an Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Pharmacology at NYULMC School of Medicine and has initiated over 20 drug discovery and protein engineering collaborations within NYUSoM.

Doreen Tivon


Ms. Tivon brings a managerial and administrative background to the team that she acquired while working as a lab and project manager at NYU for three years.  She also has a scientific background in biochemistry and drug discovery and is published in peer-reviewed journals.  Ms. Tivon earned a B.A. in Biochemistry with a minor in Studio Art from NYU  and is currently pursuing an M.B.A. at USC Marshall.

Rahul Satija, PhD

Dr. Satija is an Assistant Professor at the NYU Center for Genomics and Systems Biology, Associate Faculty at NYU's Institute for Systems Genetics and a Core Member at the New York Genome Center.  His research focus is on cell heterogeneity in biological systems and single-cell genomics.  Dr. Satija has a Ph.D. in Statistics from Oxford University and a B.Sc. in Biology from Duke University.

Marisa Tricarico, MBA

Ms. Tricarico has 10 years of experience in healthcare strategy and investing.  Most recently, Ms. Tricarico was an analyst for Casdin Capital, a long/short equity hedge fund focused on genomics and molecular medicine.  Previously, she led healthcare investments for the NYU Innovation Fund, an internal venture capital fund for New York University. She holds a B.A. in Cognitive Neuroscience from Boston University, an MBA from New York University, and an MBA from HEC, Paris.  

Dee Dao, PhD

Dr. Dao is an Associate at NYU’s Innovation Venture fund, where she leads investment opportunities in healthcare and life science.  She is also a Blackstone Launchpad coach at the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute, where she mentors teams on healthcare and life science entrepreneurship and commercialization of technologies. Previously, she worked at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, overseeing IP strategy for drugs and helping plan drug discovery projects.  She also served as a mentor for the Entrepreneurship Lab, a bio and health tech accelerator.  Dr. Dao received a Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics/Developmental Biology at Columbia University and a B.S. in Chemistry from University of Pittsburgh.

Ritu Goyanka, PhD

Dr. Goyanka is the founder of RG Advisors and Consultants, LLC. She works with small biotech companies, startups and foundations to provide secondary research, due diligence, IP management, evaluating technologies for commercial potential, market intelligence and competitive analysis reports as well as to identify potential partners for commercialization. She has a Ph.D. from NYU School of Medicine where her research was focused on protein design and rational drug discovery.

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