Tissue-specific profiling is a huge scientific and business advantage in drug development


Unexpected biological effects of genes and drugs continue to confound drug development.  This challenge manifests itself as unexpected symptoms in animals or humans during drug testing or as unexpected phenotypes during validation of genes and gene products as drug targets, both of which lead to costly drug attrition or delays in investigative projects.


 These unexpected symptoms are almost always tissue-specific, such as the heart problems that derailed the blockbuster drug Vioxx. Surprisingly, before now, there were few or no tools for easily profiling the tissue-specific effects of drugs and genes across the whole body.


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We at GeneCentrix believe that reliable informatics for integrating drug affinities and polypharmacology with gene expression are the challenge and have developed and tested these algorithms into an easy-to-use product that is unique, affordable and completely secure. By exposing data you were missing, Historeceptomics allows you to avoid crippling and costly surprises during your drug testing phase. Profitable repurposing and repositioning opportunities are also revealed at a glance. 

For a limited time, early adopters can gain free access to this valuable platform. Register now and discover the next level weapon against drug attrition. 

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