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GeneCentrix is a big data polypharmacology company developing software tools for early-stage drug discovery. We are the creator of the HistoReceptomics Profiler, a tissue-specific bioinformatics tool that utilizes a proprietary algorithm to indicate both the expected and unexpected tissues in the human body in which a drug is likely to exhibit bioactivity. These results may help ease the clinical research and drug discovery process for biotech and pharmacology companies, allowing them to better prepare for clinical trials and avoid attrition.






  • GeneCentrix's mission is to reduce drug development attrition rates through the provision of advanced insights at all stages of the drug development process. 

  • Our vision is that by integrating big data to produce holistic anatomic information we will improve the odds of drugs attaining efficacy and reduce the odds of unexpected safety issues. 


  • Ultimately, we intend to have our technology, which remains unduplicated, integrated into drug discovery workflows worldwide.

  • The HistoReceptomics Profiler is a web platform developed by GeneCentrix, Inc that allows for the prediction of unforeseen effects a drug or compound will have, either through off-target or on-target, off-tissue activity. 

HistoReceptomics integrates the affinity of a drug for receptors 
with expression in tissues

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  • The HistoReceptomics platform displays predicted effects of your drug on a wide range of human tissues in one easy to use tool.  

  • The HR Profiler provides this information by determining a drug’s historeceptomic profile, the list of target-tissue pairs statistically most likely to be affected by the drug.

  • Such integrated information is critical for modern drug development, drug design and drug repurposing because it can reveal the full range of possible tissue-specific effects, both expected and beneficial orunexpected and adverse, of a drug in the preclinical stage.  

The HistoReceptomics Score

 Ligand-Receptor “affinity”

e.g. from ChEMBL


Receptor expression:
e.g. from

High score: The compound has affinity for the receptor and the receptor is expressed in the tissue of interest-> high likelihood of physiological significance

Low score: Either the compound has low/no affinity for the receptor or the receptor is poorly/not expressed in the tissue of interest-> low likelihood of physiological significance​

  • At the clinical level, the HistoReceptomics technology enables patient/subject stratification to exclude those with specific tissue dysfunction to maximize the probability of FDA approval. 

  • For a more detailed explanation of how to use the platform, to watch a tutorial and start using HistoReceptomics securely via a free trial, please visit our sister site,

  • GeneCentrix, Inc. launched in New York City, USA in 2015 as a commercialization venture for technologies developed at New York University School of Medicine (NYUSoM) at NYU Langone Health, a leading biomedical research center.  


  • GeneCentrix, Inc. is now a privately held company based in New York City. To date, GeneCentrix has received a total of $2.4M federal funding, which includes funding from two SBIR Phase I and one Phase II awards, and $550k in industry R&D contracts. 

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  • NYU – Founding partner 2015 

  • Molsoft – For more than 14 years, Molsoft ( has been developing software in collaboration with scientists at the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC). Through partnership with Molsoft and collaboration with SCG, GeneCentrix will continue to improve the HistoReceptomics tool and develop new tools that can be brought on the market and impact drug development research globally. 

  • Solvuu – GeneCentrix has established a partnership with Solvuu, Inc (, a privately held New York-based biotechnology software company to expand gene expression big data set access for HR through their existing cloud-based data science platform. 


  • Allergan Inc. – Now a subsidiary of AbbVie (, contracted with GeneCentrix for a 2-year period starting March 2020 to provide HR R&D services.  

We are supported by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences and the National Library of Medicine

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